Process Triggers (within 2 weeks)
  • Process your triggers with scientifically proven therapy methods. (Coming soon)
Growth (After processing)
  • Level up your life with this exciting feature (Coming soon)
  • Navigation Menu: Implement a navigation menu that provides quick access to essential features. Include sections such as stats, triggers, journal entries, visuals, streaks and other interesting information about yourself.
  • Language Preferences: Introduce a language selection feature, allowing users to journal in their preferred language. Ensure seamless translation capabilities for a diverse user base.
  • Localization: Extend language support to all aspects of the app, including menus, notifications, and prompts. Provide a user-friendly interface for language customization.
Journal History:
  • The AI gets more personal by asking you questions that relate to your past entries.
(Small updates) Text-to speech for journaling Naming your journals
More will be added soon...
Last modified 2mo ago